Who we are

NAKSHATRA CLIPSO specialised in stretch ceiling or suspended ceiling design, installation of unique ceiling systems and decorative ceiling and wall finishes from France.

NAKSHATRA CLIPSO generates ideas for your decor, offering a full range of profiles and accessories to create easy to install stretch ceilings and walls, communication areas and even decorative objects.

NAKSHATRA CLIPSO develops technical fabrics to be used as stretch ceiling and wall coverings. We are manufacturers of this unique cloth designed for interior design and customization.

Moreover, the use of Clipso cloths is very wide, from ceilings to walls can be used to partition. Clipso products are really different from its competitors. Moreover all our fabrics are printable and customizable which allows a huge creativity in the design side and will make each of your creation unique and luxurious.

NAKSHATRA CLIPSO can adapt the format of all images and produce high-definition prints ensuring outstanding rendering.

NAKSHATRA CLIPSO provides a new range of images featuring artworks which are accessible to professionals and the general public.

With its collection of images and using the latest ultra-high definition digital printing technology, NAKSHATRA CLIPSO enables you to decorate your ceilings and walls with photos signed by talented artists, pictures or any other image of your choice.

Our knowledgeable, experienced, and licensed staff offer professional support to our clients in the architectural and design phase, and our specially-trained production, quality control and installation experts deliver superb finished Stretch Ceiling products. We offer a quick, cost-effective installation with a minimal amount of mess and dust or disruption to your space.


Nakshatra is the promoter of Cold Stretch Ceilings made of polyurethane-coated polyester mesh. This covering is fitted using dry and cold installation, without joints or seams, guaranteeing a perfectly smooth surface and uniform tension. Its installation is quick, easy, clean and nuisance- and odour-free.


Nakshatra fabric wraps easily around beams, cornices, rosettes, doors, windows, etc. Lighting systems (LEDs, spotlights, light fixtures, fiber optics, etc.) and appliances (air conditioning, soundproofing, VMC, etc.) blend in easily and discreetly.


Are you a building professional or craftsman, and you wish to grow your business? Then selling products with strong added value should interest you. All major projects require trusted partners. We would be pleased to evaluate the feasibility and cost of your project; simply contact our design office.