Application Guide

Different ceiling for different purpose. Find the best match for your requirement. Below is a list of wide range variety of ceilings provided by Nakshatra Clipso Strecth Ceilings with their unique features made to fit best your custom requirements.

Products (Ceiling & Wall Coverings) Applications
Acoustic Recording Studio, Theatres, Multiplexes, Seminar Halls, Auditoriums, Conference Rooms, Home Theaters, Factories, Indoor Stadiums, Lecture Halls, Call Centers
Anti-bacterial Hospitals, Operation Theatre, Laboratories, Clean Rooms, Kitchens
Anti-fungal Laboratories, Medical Centers, Swimming Pools, Spas, Bathrooms
Anti-static Aerospace Industries , Research Laboratories, Computer Room Areas, Electronic Industries, Hospitals
Impermeable to water & steam Saunas, Steam Rooms, Hot Tubs, Gang Showers, Indoor Pools, Laundry Rooms, Commercial Kitchens
Insensitive to x-rays & chemicals Chemical Industries, Labs, Pharmacy, Patient Rooms, Operation Theatre, Hospitals
Flame retardant / Non-flammable / Self-extinguishing Petroleum house, Pharmacy, Explosive Manufacturing Factories, Locker Rooms, Hospitals
Energy saving Corporate Offices (24x7), Multinational Companies, Federal Buildings, Hospitals, Industries

Nakshtra Clipso Installation